Know your portions sizes

Did you know that 10 chips = 1 portion ?

It’s easy to work out how much food you should be dishing up using everyday objects, from a matchbox to a mug.

For example :

Lean meat, oil-rich fish and chicken 80g = A deck of playing cards.

White fish 150g = A chequebook.

Pasta and rice 150g = A tennis ball.

Potatoes 180g = A computer mouse.

Nuts 30g = A handful

Cheese 30g = A standard matchbox

Butter 5g = A teaspoon

Olive oil 11g = A tablespoon

Crisps 25g = A mug

Protein : 4 calories per gram – Carbs : 4 calories per gram – Fat : 9 calories per gram – Alcohol : 7 calories per gram.

Are you eating or drinking too much !!

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