About Trainer Tom

In my experience people train for a variety of reasons- they want more energy, to lose weight, to feel strong again. Those goals are important, but also figuring out what works for your body and personality so that you reach them. That’s were I can really help. I have clients that love the intensity of boxing, but also respond to yoga and pilates. So there workouts balance those two styles of training. For others, it’s a combination of running and resistance that really works. During our sessions you’ll be challenged and pushed, but still leave feeling energised. We’ll chat about you diet too, because the work you do with me only starts to pay-off when you follow through at home. Along the way I promise you’ll enjoy yourself. My one piece of advice: Don’t wait until your fit enough to book a session, I’ll start at a level that suits you now, then advance the training as your fitness improves. You’ll reach your goals faster and be setting new one’s before you know it.

I work with mothers wanting to lose that baby weight and rehabilitate their bodies, office workers who need to maintain their stamina and fitness, people training for marathons, and everyone in between. We can train wherever works for you. For one client, that’s in their garden with her two year old daughter running about, for another it’s in a nearby park ( and when it rains, his/her living room or hallway ). Where there’s a will, there’s always a way. Call me for a FREE consultation.


To book your free trial session, call 07716233664 or fill in the form below.


3 thoughts on “About Trainer Tom

  1. James says:

    I would highly recommend Tom. I have employed him for a number of years, having met him whilst a member at David Lloyd. He has helped me achieve my twin goals of increased cardiovascular fitness and considerable weight loss (3 stone).
    He has done this by keeping me motivated and amused and not charging too much!
    During this process he has become a good friend but he still manages to keep our sessions fresh and creative and continues to review targets and give sensible dietary advice. If your like me and require some friendly motivation then give Tom a call.

    • Gabi says:

      Tom has just the correct balance of being able to ignore the moaning of his trainees and still keep them willing to please him to do better & faster & stronger 🙂 Just as what you expect from a good inspirational trainer. Thanks Tom for putting our bodies with joy through this ” torture” and thanks for toning me so well for my wedding 🙂

  2. Gerry says:

    Just another thought on Tom – you won’t meet a better personal trainer. He mixes up the sessions really well. Looking forward to continuing the personal boxing training with Tom also.

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