Nutrition and Hydration

There should be some basic rules i have found as a trainer that works for both myself and my clients when it comes to eating habits.

1. Firstly eat whole foods, by this I mean fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and nuts.. Things that don’t have an ingredients label. Your right in thinking that these foods are plain but using a few of them together combined with herbs and spices you’ll never be short of a new experience.

2. Be strict when it comes to your treats, when it come to these pleasures try to limit them as treats not just the norm. I believe it is important to have the occasional treat as this is more likely to keep you on track.

3. Cook from scratch, now i already hear you all saying i don’t have time and i can’t cook but in reality most quick meals can be prepared in 15-20 minutes and with very little culinary skills.

Check them out online, there are literally thousands of recipes and most of them include nutritional values that i find really helpful so you have no excuse !

4 Drink water, this is key in assisting your health and weight loss and should be one of the most important parts of your lifestyle.

Many people avoid drinking a lot of water because they think it will make them retain fluid and become bloated. Actually the opposite is true. When you are dehydrated, the body senses the lack of adequate water and holds onto the water that’s currently in the body.

So when you consume regular amounts of water, your body senses that you are no longer dehydrated, and therefore your kidneys flush the water out of your system like they normally do, resulting in less water retention.

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    Love this Post…….:-)

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