What a good stretch!

Well done to all my campers another class completed and no casualties!

Here are just a few guidelines for stretching:

1. All important muscles must be warm.

2. Movements should be performed slowly and under control.

3. Stretch to a point of moderate tension and not pain.

4. Aim to feel the stretch in the belly of the muscle.

5. Adopt comfortable and supported positions to promote relaxation whilst stretching.

6. Use a mat for floor-based stretches.

7. Aim for a balanced approach, so all the major groups are stretched.

8. FREQUENCY: Minimum 3x per week
INTENSITY: To a position of mild discomfort
TIME: 10-30 Seconds, 3-5 repetitions for each stretch.

Work hard and expect success.



One thought on “What a good stretch!

  1. Moya says:

    I have been joining Tom’s circuits classes now for around 9 months.
    They have really improved my fitness and strength and I have also toned up and lost weight. Although it’s great to get these results, my motivation for continuing the classes is the enjoyment I get from doing them.
    Tom is a great trainer, he manages the intensity to get the best out of each person in the class and also makes them relaxed and fun.

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