Slowly does it .

Can you hold a conversation while eating?

Here’s how you do it. Put your fork down between each mouthful, eat smaller bites and chew thoroughly. By taking longer to eat your meal, you not only realise when you’ve had enough, your less likely to eat everything on the plate. As a former plate cleaner myself, this is something that has personally helped me maintain a healthy weight. I also find by eating slowly you actually have time to enjoy what your eating and feel more satisfied.

Give it a try ! Slowly does it, shoveling food without thinking or even registering what you’re eating is a habit that can be hard to break, so every time you find yourself eating to fast, take a breath, STOP! Put your fork down, CHEW, then take a sip of water.

Remember, eating is one’s of life’s great pleasures, especially when we take time to enjoy the experience.




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